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According Mulyati (2010:2) studied the success factors that influenced 5  functional relationship to each other, such as:
-Time available
-Individual Enterprises
-Quality of teaching
-Ability to understand the transfer process
Evaluation or assessment carried out to measure the success rate of learning. Thoroughly studied the results obtained when students are 75% to 90% of the given problem. Teachers carry out repairs if the learning outcomes of students gained an average of less than 75%. Factors that cause learning difficulties according to Mulyati (2010: tt) there are two, namely:
a.        Internal factors students have learning difficulties, among others: mental weakness, intelligence, and special talents; physical weakness, sensory, neurological, disability, illness; an emotional disturbance; wrong attitudes and habits in studying a particular subject material; not yet have basic knowledge and skills needed to further understand the material.
b.       External Fakor students come from outside the cover: the situation or teaching-learning process that does not stimulate students to be active; properties that are less flexible curriculum; lack of uniformity and standard pattern admnistration; learning burden which is too heavy; teaching methods that do not fit; often change schools; lack of tools and learning resources; home situation is less encouraging learning activities.

How could a succes person, who doesn’t have degrees from the best schools, wasn’t personally mentored by a theacher,or anatural born super genius, create something that can help you achieve more? More of succes persons spent years learning everything they are needed to do to become successful, from the top leaders in the world. They listened to them speak for countless hours, read their books, watched their seminars, listened to their lectures, attended their events and built a library of information. Of course succes was given from Allah SWT .


Al Qur’anul Karim


wasiat untuk membina keluarga


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